Doodle Travelers

Through the years the doodles have proved themselves to be pretty good travelers.  This Christmas was no exception.   Here are some highlights of our recent adventure…told through photos (phone photos… quality is just okay).

happy faces

Hour One: Are we there yet? Are we?


Dash, ever the responsible one, kept track of where we were. I swear I could hear him commenting on the Navigation: “I would turn right in about a mile, would be quicker.”











one bed

Lilly: “We love hotels. This bed is great.  Uh sorry…did you want to sleep here too?”


Dash: “Go ahead Lilly. It’s called an elevator. Perfectly Safe (I think).”

two beds

Lilly: “Great idea to get two beds.  Hmmm…still don’t know where you are going to sleep though…”


Lilly: “Look at how many toys our cousins have! Wow! Can we take these home?”


Uh Dash… that is your cousin’s bed ….the maltese.  Do you think it’s a little small?










Dash and Santa

Dash: “I better keep an eye out for Santa. I really hope he got my letter.”

two doodles

We love vacation!  Happy New Year!

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