Just Right

lets go

Lilly: “It’s the green bag, Dash… we’re going!!”

We have gotten into a bit of a routine, the Doodles and I, when it comes to Thanksgiving.

For three years now, we have gone to Crested Butte in southwest Colorado, about four or so hours away, and stay in a little cabin.  The whole time we enjoy being outside, being inside and being.

When I begin to pack up the green bag with doodle blankets, doodle bowls and doodle treats…they get seriously underfoot because, well, I think they know what is coming.

Where we go is a little “camp” with seven cabins and the caretaker’s house.  It is right on a creek, near two trailheads, the cabins are all winterized and dog friendly!  The cabins are a nice distant apart to allow for a little privacy and a little camaraderie.


Here we are!! We are ready for a great time!

In many ways this year was the Goldilocks year.  The first year I rented a cabin that was too big.  I had to block off the upstairs so that no naughty doodles went up there unsupervised.  The second year I rented a cabin that was so small I couldn’t walk into the bedroom without bumping into the heating unit. “Goonnng,” it would echo throughout the cabin causing the Doodles, each time, to stand up straight–ready to guard and defend.

But this year, oh this year, the cabin was just right.  It was the right size, it had the most wonderful gas fire place, a sweet little kitchen table, a wonderful comfy bed.  Just Right!

I had told the Doodles that our plan was to enjoy our days filled with some walking, some resting and a lot of movies.  I brought about ten DVDs with me and two books… the plan was to watch the movies on my laptop.  So there we were on the first night after the long drive and a brief jaunt around the area.  I got the fireplace just right, made a little dinner, opened the bottle of wine and treated the Doodles to bully sticks.

I settled down to begin my binge watching with the series Dexter….hmm.. the DVD would not play on the laptop… it churned a little bit and then nothing.  And it wouldn’t eject.. I finally forced it out …  I put in another movie (maybe that disc is bad, I thought) so I tried Lone Survivor, popped it in.  Same response… no go.  Then I realized with a little bit of dread that the DVD player on the laptop was…  not… working.  (I had had my laptop rebuilt this summer, I remembered.  ARGH! I never tested the DVD player at that time!)

I admit a little panic set in.  The plan was evaporating.   There I was in the cabin — no wi-fi, no television, no nothin…!  I had not signed up to experience my own version of Wild.  Ohhh, I whined.  The doodles continued to enjoy their bully sticks.


Have you heard of a long winter’s nap? I think this is what it looks like!

So, I regrouped, I snuggled into bed with my books and, delightfully, read the night away.  Ahh, it was Just Right.

The next morning, Thanksgiving morning, I said, “Let’s go Doodles, nothing to do here in this cabin, let’s go outside for the day.”  We bundled up and did just that.  We were out and about until early afternoon.  I think we walked and hiked 8 miles.  It was fabulous.  The sun was shining, the snow was gorgeous, the doodles saw their first cross country skiers!  They barked ferociously at these strange creatures with the long feet who moved so swiftly on the trail.

I stopped in the town’s grocery store and picked up some junky magazines and a word search book.

When we came back to the cabin, the doodles got a bone, snuggled down and snoozed.  I read and did word puzzles.  Not bad, I thought.  In fact it was…. Just Right.  We went outside and watched the sunset.  Ahhh, I exhaled.   We were all three asleep by 8:00!

dvd player

Yep, I am weak. I like my movies!!

Then… on Friday? Black Friday?  We drove to the Walmart in Gunnison and, yep, I bought a portable DVD player by 9 AM.  Yep, I admit it.

And that day the doodles and I enjoyed a great morning hike, came back to watch a movie during lunch, went out for a longer walk in the afternoon, came back to the house and watched another movie while the doodles enjoyed another chewie and a great nap.  And again it was Just Right.

Saturday, we were all three sad to be ending our vacation.  We all asked one another, “couldn’t we stay another day?”  But we knew we had to pack up the green bag and head for home.

The doodles snoozed most of the drive back to Denver.

And it was Just Right.



2 thoughts on “Just Right

  1. What An awesome weekend! We would love the same except no internet or TV would kill mom. She isn’t much into reading. The relaxing and hiking sound so great, though.

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