The First Saturday in November

Because the Doodles and I have been working hard these last few weeks, we haven’t been spending a lot time together.  I have been doing long days at school; and the doodles, well, they’ve been busy guarding the house for the many hours I am at work.  And, they have had to take care of the dog walkers too.  They have a tough work load!

So today, the first Saturday in November, we went out for an adventure.  We put together a pictorial representation of our day!

stop 1

First, we had to run an errand, so we ran through a park that had quite a pretty little statue. The Doodles did their obligatory barking and sniffing initially. Then they posed.



When we finally arrived at  the Dog Park. Lilly made a beeline for the creek!



Dash found a hole! Looks like he is telling the other dogs: Hey look here!



the end

Dash and Lilly: We love Colorado!


Dash: I’m coming! I’m coming!

Dash on the stairs

Dash: Let’s go up, up, up!

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