Walking in a Winter Wonderland

It’s winter.  So it gets dark early.  And, it’s cold.  We have snow on the ground and temps in the 20s.  But the Doodles can’t spend all day inside.  And, certainly our back yard is interesting for only so long.


Walking in the winter evenings!


So … we have figured out how to walk in the dark and the snow.  First off, me.   I got myself a bright color jacket and a head lamp.  Yes!  I can see and I be seen!


Looking Good Snow Bunny!

But Lilly? Oh my dear little Lilly …  if I slip a smidge … she jumps on me.  If I slow down to walk on ice slowly, she stops and watches me.  She generally walks directly to my left.  Right next to me, constantly looking up at me to see how I am doing.  It’s her worry wart side, like she is saying to me, “We really shouldn’t be out here. It’s dark.  It’s icy.  You might slip again.  How are you doing?  Are you okay?”  I admit, I appreciate her attention.


My left hand girl


Dash would walk for miles, he is so happy on a walk–any time of day, any conditions.  He bounces like Tigger.  The picture is bad quality — phone, darkness and the guy won’t slow down to pose!


Bouncing along like Tigger!

And in the end, we all three love bounding up the steps to the house.  The lights shine bright and welcoming.  And we walk in to the warm house and snuggle up until the next time!


The First Saturday in November

Because the Doodles and I have been working hard these last few weeks, we haven’t been spending a lot time together.  I have been doing long days at school; and the doodles, well, they’ve been busy guarding the house for the many hours I am at work.  And, they have had to take care of the dog walkers too.  They have a tough work load!

So today, the first Saturday in November, we went out for an adventure.  We put together a pictorial representation of our day!

stop 1

First, we had to run an errand, so we ran through a park that had quite a pretty little statue. The Doodles did their obligatory barking and sniffing initially. Then they posed.



When we finally arrived at  the Dog Park. Lilly made a beeline for the creek!



Dash found a hole! Looks like he is telling the other dogs: Hey look here!



the end

Dash and Lilly: We love Colorado!


Dash: I’m coming! I’m coming!

Dash on the stairs

Dash: Let’s go up, up, up!