Being a Special Girl…

Lilly: "Oh Miss Sara, I love you!"

Lilly: “Oh Miss Sara, I love you!”

My Lilly is a special kind of girl.  She gets nervous when other folks are in the house.  She doesn’t like any kinds of loud noises.  When I sneeze or cough, she does her best anxiety smile, cowers and grabs a toy.  She has been this way since the beginning of time.

On Wednesdays, the doodles go to the off leash dog park.  Dash, of course, loves every minute of park day.  But, lately, trips to the dog park haven’t been so much fun for Lilly.  Our favorite dog walker,  Sara, was growing concerned with how anxious Lilly was acting.  In fact, Lilly was walking away from the group –heading back to the truck!  So, on a whim, Sara decided one Wednesday morning that Lilly would wear her Thunder Shirt.  Yep.  Thunder Shirt to the Park.

I have loved all the jokes.  It reminds my sisters of when I was a little girl and had to wear a t-shirt at the beach AND play under the pier so that I wouldn’t get sunburned.  It reminded a co-worker of kids who have to wear a headgear in an awkward time of life, like 6th grade.  Another friend said it reminded her of when her sister had to wear a back brace.  None of these are the best memories, but probably pretty accurate to describe my little worry wart.  Yep, that’s my Lilly: running through the park in a shirt.

But here’s the thing: it’s working.  Sara has seen less anxiety and more playing from Lilly.  Who would believe it? A big cotton wrap around her middle is calming her down.  Sara says the mood is completely different.  She is happy!!

This morning, I was home when Sara arrived and witnessed the wild time she has as she tries to get Lilly dressed. The whole time Dash barks at Sara.  I guess he is saying:  “it is time to GO!”  What a scene.  I tried to capture the moment with my phone camera.  Not a great shot, but I think the picture shows: Lilly is grateful to Miss Sara!

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