A Tale of Two Doodles


Don’t be fooled by the nonchalant look…inside, she is a little bundle of anxiety.

I have two doodles.  They have much in common.  Both jump and bark when I come home.  Both like to go for a ride in the car.  Both go wild when they hear me pick up the leashes. Both know the sound of the treat bag. Both love to run off leash at the park.  But the similarities end soon after that..

As I write this, Dash is sitting next to me and talking to me.  Yep, he is the talker.  He is whining, whistling through his nose, making any kind of noise to get my attention so I will pet him.  And, I really think that he stays this close to me because truly he believes that I will throw down the computer and say, “oh by heavens you’re right young man, it IS time for a walk! Let’s Go!”  (It’s not time for a walk by the way…)

On the other end of the doodle spectrum, Lilly is sleeping quietly next to the back door right now.  (As an aside, she doesn’t snore, but man can Dash snore!!)

Her sleep doesn’t last for long.   She will be up pacing in about 45 minutes, then she will find a new spot in the hall.  Then, in another time period, she will move to the front door.  And, if I cough, sigh loudly or move in any slight way at any time before that, she will be up and checking on me.  She is an extraordinarily light sleeper.  In fact, if I can’t sleep and have a restless night, it’s a guarantee that Lilly will keep me company and, as a result, also have a sleepless night.  She and I have watched many a late, late night movie.

This weekend, we were all reminded of Lilly’s own anxious ways… my sister and her husband arrived for a visit.  Shortly after they arrived, we took our lunch outside and sat in the beautiful sunshine of Colorado in October.  Dash joined us, of course and talked with my brother-in-law.  Lilly was not with us.  When I went to look for her, I found her lying on my bed with a toy in her mouth.  Yep, visitors are a bit too much for her.  She can’t quite handle the greeting, the visiting, the chatting.  So she takes her time.  By the next morning, when my sister came up the stairs from the guest room, Lilly greeted her with morning gusto!


Dash’s motto

If Dash and Lilly had ever been college students,  Lilly would have had to have a single while Dash would have easily been an RA and would have handled a freshmen group with great ease.

He is my steady guy.  Predictable, reliable. She is my nervous girl, predictably anxious.

So, yep, they are both doodles and they live together, but they sure are different!

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