Our night at the ballpark…

There is something that I am not sure I fully understand about myself that when I heard about bringing dogs to the baseball game I thought, “Dash would love that.”

Soon after hearing about Bark at the Park, I went online and bought tickets for the Rockies v Diamondbacks game.  And, after sending in Dash’s rabies certificate, I received the game tickets in the mail.  And, yep, one said right on it “Dog Ticket.”  Dash was now a ticket holder for a Major League Baseball game.

I never thought of taking Lilly.  She would not have fun at this kind of event.  Lilly likes smaller events where she receives lots of attention from me, and where there are no other dogs to sniff or distract her.  So Lilly stayed home.


Here we are! (the water spots aren’t pee.. there was a water bowl at the gate)

Game day  arrived and off we went, Dash, me and our favorite college boy and his girlfriend.  And what a great time we all had!  All four of us were busy people and dog watching.  We saw golden retrievers, labs, little dogs in tutus, huge mastiffs and a few other doodles.  (How is that Dash gets really excited to see other doodles? Do they know they look alike?)

Unfortunately, there were a few dogs that made us wonder why their people brought them to such an event.  These were the dogs who snapped at other dogs or those who sat shaking and panting the entire time.  Seemed a bit wrong to have those pups there.


Dash got pats and attention all night!

How was Dash?  Dash was in his element.  Lots to sniff, lots to watch, lots to eat.  Yep, he got his own hot dog, snagged some peanuts from me, enjoyed sharing a bottle of water with his boy.  He visited folks around us, he kissed the children who wanted to pet him and he barked when another pup came over and made the play pounce.

When we got home? He sniffed and talked with Lilly for a few moments, took a drink of water and then made his way to my room and THUD he was asleep.

Yep, it was a good night at the ballpark.  Oh, and yep, the Rockies won! 


He never really watched the game…

2 thoughts on “Our night at the ballpark…

  1. I sure hope you got a hotdog while you were there! Sounds like fun. The stupid Twins don’t ever allow dogs in the ballpark unless you are a service dog. Geez! The way they play, they should pay dogs to attend to just get some fans!

    • Hi EmmaI I did get a hot dog!! Delicious. Since the Rockies actually won that night (which they haven’t done much this season) some of the sportscasters thought maybe the dogs brought good luck!

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