Who’s the Boss Here?

I had to run some errands this morning and as I got ready the doodles spent the entire time whining and following me around the house. So I gave in and brought them with me.  It was a cloudy, cool morning so a good day for the doodles to hang out in the car.

After a stop at the eye doctor to pick up my contact lenses, I noticed we were parked right near a park.  I asked the doodles: want to go for a walk in the park?  Oh yes indeed!  The barking and tail wagging began.  We got to the park and it was clear … Dash was just where he wanted to be.  Lilly was equally pleased.  Sniffs, other dogs and yep, a romp up and down the playground equipment.

The playground equipment included these great stairs that led to the top of two slides.  So, like he has done through much of his life, Dash was thrilled to sniff every inch, to go underneath the equipment, to run up and down the stairs,  just to be there.

Lilly, however, had a different approach.  She went up the stairs, sniffed around and came down the stairs.  She did that once and never again.  It was clear that not even a thought went through her brain that she would do it again.

But I really wanted a photo of them sitting together at the top of the stairs.  So I begged her!  “Come on Lilly! Come on!”  I walked up the steps, I clapped my hands.  I coaxed, I cajoled.  Nope.  Not happening.  So the best I could get of the two of them was of Lilly leading the way down the steps.  Yep, I’m sure not the boss of her.

line leader lilly

Line Leader Lilly …

Dash, on the other hand, went up and down the stairs quite a few times.  Tail wagging the whole time.  And one time he even went down one of the slides.  His descent was great form!  Basically a hop, slide and then jump! And then he jumped up on me at the end.  His whole body was dancing.  Just made me laugh so loud!

I was so disappointed that I had missed it with my camera.  So, I began to ask him to do it again.   He looked at me like, sure!  He would bound up the steps,  take a look around the playground, take look at me and well, the video shows, I really ain’t the boss of him either!



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