School days, school days…

So, it’s the day after Labor Day which means all the children are back at school. Hooray!  Working at a school all these years, I have grown to love the opening of the school year.  New sounds, new faces, the campus is bustling with new excitement.

But for the doodles, for my sweet lovable doodles, school days mean that my schedule gets full.  Many days I leave before sunrise and many days I come home after sunset.  Our walks are restricted to weekends or mornings or evenings that I find I have time.

During this past summer I brought the doodles to work with me quite a few times.  What great days those were!  I brought them individually.  What a hoot.  Each one would hop in the car on his or her special day.  I swear they got to know the phrase “let’s go to work!”  And, each one was a very nice carpool mate!

At the office, Lilly proved to be quite the shy girl and even stood behind me when we walked around campus and visited other offices.  She wasn’t too interested in meeting everyone.  After a while she warmed up and had a few friends we always had to stop to say hello to when we arrived.  When she was in my office, she slept right under my desk.

Dash, not surprisingly, was my social guy.  He busted in the front door on his days.  Each person in his path needed to be greeted.  One day that he was with me I lost him twice!  I was working at my desk, looked around for him and realized he wasn’t with me.  One time he had gone down the hall to join a meeting in the board room and another time found his way to visit a colleague in her office.   Each time, he was greeted with pats and kisses.  His tail never stopped wagging.

But school days are here.  And doodle days are over.  I have to admit, I miss them!


Doodles, could you pretend I have some rules? Sitting on the chairs? Really?


2 thoughts on “School days, school days…

  1. We get up at 4:30 or 5 when Mom has to go in to the office because we have to workout in the morning so there are no excuses. As hard as it is getting up and heading out into the dark world, it is amazing how great we all feel after a good walk or run. Bummer with the long hours, but hopefully you can still find time for fun.

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