A Letter from Camp

Dear Doodles,

The Writers Retreat in Grand Lake has been fun, but of course not as much as if you were here.  No, I haven’t gone hiking, well, okay, maybe I have.  No, I haven’t slept past 5:30, well maybe I have.  No, I haven’t enjoyed having the whole bed to myself, well maybe I have.  I certainly have not enjoyed having free time to write and share uninterrupted time with other writers.  Well…


When is she coming home? Wheeeen?

Claudia says you are doing well and behaving. I hope that is true!  And, I hear you had some special visitors come and take you out for a park trip and long walks — our favorite Sara and our favorite boy.  Those are great visitors!   I hear there were some thunderstorms.  Dash, I hope Lilly wasn’t too afraid.  Lilly, are you eating Dash’s bowl of food?  Let the guy have some food.

This week I have had the chance to write poetry and stories and learn great techniques.  So I think coming to the writers retreat in the mountains was a good idea–kind of like camp!  … oh, wait, you’re right, I didn’t mean to say that!   It was just a medium idea.

I love and miss you Doodles!  See you soon!



5 thoughts on “A Letter from Camp

  1. Just caught up on the summer of hiking and writing. LOVE IT! Wondering if you’ve added a notebook to the backpack for thoughts that arrive on the hiking trail and if it’s clipped on or in the backpack — inquiring minds want to know!

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