Stroll, snack, sip. Repeat


A water break and a water bowl! Perfect.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning for our second hike in Evergreen.  Oh my.  Absolutely beautiful.  We took a trail that was mostly flat and was called Meadowview Trail.  And, what a view! There was a delightful breeze that morning.  When the wind would blow, the grass would ripple and billow.  It was mesmerizing.

As a hiker, I am not concerned that Outdoor Magazine will ever call me to profile me as an extraordinary hiker.  Heck, the trail on Saturday had benches every mile or so! Hardly rugged, but it was fabulous.

The doodles and I would stop at times to look at the view and breathe deep.  The doodles were very thirsty that morning and they knew I had treats in my pocket.  They didn’t mind my stops.  And, I had remembered their water bowl this time.  During one of our stops, I realized that we had a pattern:

Stroll, snack, sip. Repeat.

And of course, smile.


2 thoughts on “Stroll, snack, sip. Repeat

  1. Hey guys, it’s Emma! So happy you have a blog! Having one just for the fun of it is great, you don’t have to post all the time, have award winning photos, or be an accomplished author. Sharing your experiences is fun enough. Sounds like a great walk too!

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